Thursday, February 23, 2012

Qualities of a true love

True love can be found with such good qualities. Honesty, Purity ,Forgiving, Tolerance, Sweetness,. Confident,Positive , Peaceful, Lightness , CaringCaring, Purity, Sweetness, Loyalty, Humble, Freedom, Forgiving, Appreciation, Flexible, Honesty
group 3
Caring, cheerful, Forgiving, Truthful, Sweetness, Surrender, Purity, Respect, Loyalty, Healing
Group 4
Caring, sweetness, Self confidence, positive, forgiving, honesty, co-operation, respect, happy, loyal.

Friday, February 26, 2010



On 27/07/2009, i registered for my certificate class, which after a week, i started the class, which lasted for five weeks. My class instructor was Mr Gambo Saidu. As a student i really enjoyed the course as first time of attending a computer course, the fact is that, as a lay-man it wasn't easier for the first time on computer, but as time goes on, i came to realise the importance and the priority of been a computer literate and also how important a computer is in once life, because with computer i find it easier to solve most of my academic problems which i never think of having solutions to them but with the help of online groups, things are made easier for me. Another great experience i realise is that, you will never know the important of something until you are into it. Initially, i was assuming that computer is all about browsing, until i came to realise, that is worth more than that. I ended up as one of the best student and i give God.


After the my certificate course in Fantsuam Academy, i realise that having the basic knowledge is not all about computer, but is more than that, so i get to understand that i can do more than that of certificate. So i register for my diploma class 12/11/2009 which lasted for 14 weeks,been instructed by Mr Ayo Oguntayo. And as the next level, having gotten the basic foundation, did not find diffecult in diploma but things where going higher than before, becuase in diploma i get to know how to compose a letter, fliers, letter headings, etc. And also how to perform some basic calculation, keeping record in an orderly manner and also the secret of media houses, how to display text, graphics and also add sound to them. Coming to internet, i realise is not all about browsing but also how the internet it self is form. As a matter of facts, words alone can't express my appreciation but God almighty will lift this organisation above it present level that sky shall never be it limit.


With the time i have spend in Fantsuam Academy, i have made great achievement of making my life easier than before. Becuase now i can also be counted among the computer literate. With the level i have undergone i can withstand alot of challenges in life. Also a great and profitable fact is that one can even study online without physically been in the school. Also in times of communication, i can communicate fast and easy with my friends, family and even chating as if it physical. Now alot of unprofitable things are been avoided becuase i spend time with my computer. Also now i can creat a blog, and also join some online groups like fantsuamacademy ning group, facebook, yahoomail, and also some online communities like vanguard news communities etc.


With my knowledge in computer i can work in some organisation, like business center as computer operator, computer schools as an instructor, hotel as a receptionist and cashier, etc.
Having known the importance of computer, i look forward to join the ITE & CISCO and also to do the Web design course.

Thursday, February 18, 2010